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Inspired by success, for success

Secanti roughly means „The Next“ in our tongue and it expresses the flow of time. It tells an important insight about time itself — every succeeding instant supersedes another, without fail, ceaselessly and precisely. What‘s most important for everyone is the next moment. And the rest…? The rest shall be left for the history books.

Success is something that builds upon itself.  Our idea is simple, but brilliant: what else is a better example of building success than the buildings that were built because of it? Who couldn’t help but awe at the mastery of the pyramids of Gizah, or the Elysian Fields? Every watch that we make embodies this perennial and imperial essence. Our watches are built in their likeness: they’re solid works of precise architecture, built to last and evoke a sense of grandeur.

The people at Secanti have an everlasting passion for time-keeping and we want to bring uniqueness to every watch that we produce. We try to achieve the perfect balance between luxurious elegance and versatile utility that reflects on the idea that time itself appears timeless — they‘re made not only to look timeless but to be so.

Our first issue focuses on the Empire State Building. Seen by all as the epitome of modern commerce it is the story of modern success that keeps on ticking through thick and thin. And now you may have it as a keepsake of the idea it represents: perfect memento about how success builds itself from ground-up.

Hence they‘re crafted from the most premium and rare materials. We use etched precious metal elements, stainless high-grade steel and true tanned leather latches that offer a classy look yet have a long-lasting value and durability. Inside the elegantly designed exterior is the state of the art, handcrafted Japanese quartz mechanism, that ensures that the clock will tick precisely and accurately for generations to come.

Every story has it‘s own time, and every time has its own story. We want to tell the story of The Next Big Thing — it‘s You.

Whats inside? New arrivals, exclusive sales, inspiration and much more.

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