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Welcome To Secanti

Welcome To Secanti

We not only craft watches for the people who strive for more in life. We are so much more than just watchmakers. Like many of you, we are dream chasers, movers, and shakers and the ones, who will innovate, not replicate.

We had a dream, and we went for it. We were just like you- people who wanted to have a luxury timepiece in their wrists but could not afford it. That’s when we saw a big gaping hole in the watch industry- huge luxury middleman fees that would double, triple, or quadruple the price of the watch.

Now, here we are, had launched a revolutionary brand of luxury timepieces that are affordable for the common man, but look as they belong to a high-up corporate business head. 

“Why go through all the trouble just to make a watch?”, you may be asking yourself.  Well, because Secanti is not just a watch.

We started Secanti because a luxury watch can pass along people a message. A message that you mean business. A message that you value your time. A message that you are not a person to be taken lightly. When most watches tick- Secanti tocks. Just like you.

We make watches that have that subtle sense of success.

We started a lifestyle brand where “luxury” doesn’t mean expensive or unattainable. 

We understand luxury as value, heritage and uniqueness. Luxury is attention to detail so great you get complimented everywhere you go, and a step-by-step process to craft a watch so great that it becomes a part of your identity. It is a commitment to the highest standard of quality and a promise to never take shortcuts.

At the core of Secanti lies a belief that you deserve the highest quality of products for a price that you can afford.

At the end of the day, it was never about watches.

It was about being fair to the people that deserve it.

Of course, we love watches and believe that everyone needs one, but our love is actually in inspiring people to strive for greatness, chase success and be the best YOU that YOU can be. Our ultimate mission is to bring a sense of success to anybody who feels like their destined for greatness. 

When you add a Secanti timepiece to your collection, you bring a certain chip on your shoulder. You feel and move like the watch. Just like the watch you don’t stop and never are out of your element. You look, feel and move like a Wallstreet pioneer. We hope Secanti gives you the energy to swim upstream rather than go with the flow. We want you to make bold moves and strive for more. We want your Secanti to be your partner in crime every step of the way to the top.

Our love of watches has grown into an entire community of success-driven people, so we made a special journal of blogs to let every Secanti-minded person know, that they’re not alone and we stand strong together.

On that note, we are happy to present The Empire line of small-batch watches that bring the New York hustle to the palm of your hand.

It’s made for people who want to touch the sky.

This blog will be our way of talking to you and giving you all the tools you need to be better than you were the day before. We know you’ll love it because if you have read this far, it means you are one of us, and everything that’s coming has been tailored just for you.

To sum-up, Secanti is more than just a watch brand. It’s a lifestyle one. We are here for one reason and that is to bring the small community of like-minded Secantians to one place and inspire them to keep going, to keep hustling, and to keep being themselves.

Let’s strive for greatness together,


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